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Each display can follow 1 schedule at a time. Assigning a new schedule to a display will remove the old one which comes in a special schedule. Saving a change to a schedule will update all displays following that schedule automatically.

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POP Devices

Imagine having a window into the health and performance of your digital signage network – that's the power of WEJHA's POP Device reporting. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of critical aspects, including: Device Name: Easily identify each device within your network for quick reference. Schedule Name: See which schedule is currently assigned to each device, ensuring content alignment with your plans. Schedule Start and End Times: Gain complete transparency into the scheduling timeframe for each piece of content, avoiding unexpected display issues. Device Status (On, Off, Out of Sync): Proactively identify potential problems. Monitor for offline devices or those displaying content out of sync with the intended schedule. Matching Schedule: Verify that the displayed content matches the assigned schedule, ensuring your audience sees the right message at the right time. Completion Percentage: Track the progress of playlist playback on each device. Identify any delays or interruptions and ensure content delivery adheres to your plans.