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Step 1


Showcase your Facilities on interactive maps, allowing customers to easily visualize your network and find the closest branch. Integrate features like one-click directions or store hours displayed directly on the map for added convenience. Display stunning photos of your various Facilities.

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Step 2

Facility creation

Elevate your store creation experience with Wejha's innovative features. Showcase your store locations with dynamic, interactive maps. Join Wejha today and take your Facility to new heights effortlessly.

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Step 3

Floor Map

Using FloorMap customers can easily add a floor layout along with their Facilities. This unique feature helps store owners mark where their devices are located on the floor map for better organization

WEJHA empowers store owners to easily upload and manage floorplan images in JPEG and PNG formats directly within the CMS platform.

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Step 4

Display Signage

No Hardware Headaches: Don't have the displays you need? No problem! WEJHA offers a convenient rental program, so you can get started without a significant upfront investment. Simple Display Setup: Adding new displays to your network is a breeze. With WEJHA, simply provide your store name, assign a user-friendly device name, and enter the unique device ID. You'll be managing your new digital sign in minutes.

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Step 5

Display Groups

WEJHA's powerful Display Groups feature allows you to organize your digital signs into logical categories.