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Step 1

Media Types

With WEJHA, image uploading is a breeze. Transfer images directly from your device, enabling quick and efficient content creation without the need for design skills.

With WEJHA, video uploading is seamless. Transfer videos directly from your device, streamlining the content creation process and boosting productivity for all users.

For PDF/PPT: "With WEJHA, sharing PDFs and PowerPoint presentations is a snap. Simply upload files directly from your device, facilitating efficient collaboration and content sharing without the need for advanced design knowledge."

For URL: "With WEJHA, sharing web content via URL is effortless. Simply input the URL directly from your device, enabling quick access to online resources and enhancing productivity for all users."

For YouTube URL: "With WEJHA, sharing YouTube videos is simple. Just paste the YouTube URL directly from your device, allowing seamless integration of video content into your projects without any hassle."

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Step 2


Create curated playlists effortlessly with WEJHA,With WEJHA, playlists make it easy to group your content together.

Step 3


Access a diverse library of pre-designed templates tailored for various industries and purposes, from Menu Board,product promotions to real-time data displays. Easily customize these templates to align with your brand identity by adding logos, selecting brand colors, and choosing appropriate fonts.