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Interior of a retail store with customers shopping


People enjoying a meal together in a restaurant


Doctor and patient discussing treatment options in a healthcare setting


Busy airport terminal with passengers


Group of students studying together in a classroom


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Our Displays


Double-Sided 500nits Display with Android SOC!

Get ready to make heads turn with our new Double-Sided 500nits Display with Android SOC! It's like having two bright screens back-to-back, making sure everyone sees your message. With its super bright display, your ads will pop whether you're indoors or outdoors.


400nits Android Bar Display!

Introducing our new 400nits Android Bar Display! It's like having a mini-computer built into a sleek screen. This display is super bright, so it stands out even in bright places like stores or restaurants.


Shelf type display

Introducing our Shelf-Type Display – the perfect solution to elevate your retail space and showcase your products in style! Designed with versatility and aesthetics in mind, our display seamlessly integrates into any shelf or counter, maximizing your product visibility and driving sales.


Large outdoor LCD Display frameless LCD monitor LCD Video wall

Introducing our advanced outdoor screens: they're big, bold, and beautiful! Picture a huge, crystal-clear screen, but outside. These screens are super sleek, with no distracting borders around the edges.

How it Works

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    To begin your Wejha experience, simply create an account by entering your work email or phone number

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    Upload the content

    Select the New Content button to create new content, sharing Images, and videos enables you to offer a more immersive experience for your viewers.

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    Create New Store

    Create a new store button for generating new store entries, accompanied by a floor map feature.